Summer Returns to Echo of Soul

For many of us summer is nearly at an end, but in Echo of Soul it is just getting started. Summer returns to Echo of Soul with all its beach-going fun. Put away your armor and grab some beach appropriate clothes before you head to the sunny island where everyone goes for summer in Echo of Soul. While you lounge on the beach you’ll be able to find summer-themed quests. Beachgoers can also explore the Manta Reef, crack coconuts, and get into water balloon fights with friends.

Players who have completed the summer quests will be rewarded with special event coins that can be exchanged for unique items. Some of the items you can get include a Soul Orb, Spirit of the Sea Flap Flap, and a recipe for Pearl Jam Stew. To get to the island find the Island-savy Dig Duv to get an invitation. Just remember to be dressed for a swim and have your weapons put away. The summer life is no place for armor and weapons. There are also several achievements to complete during the event so be sure to check those out when you log in.

The summer event in Echo of Soul will be running until August 28th, so you’ll have plenty of time to see it all and get back to adventuring. For more details on the summer event head over to the official forums where an FAQ will be posted outlining everything you can expect to see in the event. Or log in and jump right in, the water is fine!


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