Support for WoW Mobile Armory App Ending

We’re pretty sure that most people aren’t going to be terribly surprised by this news, seeing as remote auction house access being removed killed a great deal of interest. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to report that WoW Mobile Armory support is going to wrap up soon.

wow mobile armory support

The official announcement is short and to-the-point, stating that the Mobile Armory will no longer be supported come Wednesday, July 11th as the dev team continues to work on development and improvement of mobile offerings for the MMORPG.

What this means is that, essentially, the majority of the features associated with the Mobile Armory app will instead be enfolded into the Legion Companion App, creating a new, all-encompassing WoW Companion App for future release.

The announcement also promised some new features specifically for Battle for Azeroth are on the way, though just what those features will be were not discussed. The announcement does ask for fans to stay tuned for details on that front, however.

Our Thoughts

Well, it makes sense, really. Considering most people are probably not interested in the Armory’s features without the remote AH connection, mooshing the other functions of the Armory into the companion app sounds like the most logical evolution to us. Though now we’re curious just what sort of BFA-specific features are planned. Hmmh…

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