Surreal Vision Acquired by Oculus

Oculus VR announced the acquisition of Surreal Vision, one of the leading real-life 3D imaging companies.

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Surreal Vision

Surreal Vision is one of the top computer vision teams specializing in real-time 3D scene construction. Oculus’ acquisition of Surreal Vision will open new doors to new concepts of presence and telepresence. In short, the new Oculus headset will become something more than just a gaming device. It will become a communication tool of the future, giving people a chance to experience and interact with the world through new, fresh eyes.

The team includes all three Surreal Vision founders, all PhDs from Andrew Davidson’s pioneering lab at Imperial College London: Richard Newcombe, Renato Salas-Moreno, Steven Lovegrove. All three Surreal Vision founders are excited to begin work with Oculus VR.

For more virtual reality test videos like this one, visit Richard Newcombe’s YouTube channel here.

A Message from Richard Newcombe

“From the human point of view, the world is constantly in motion. As we move around, our eyes dart about the scene and the rich dynamical nature of the scene’s contents come flooding in. We’re able to make sense of those changing signals to produce a coherent understanding of the world we live in, which we effortlessly navigate and interact with. Over the past three decades, a great deal of work in computer vision has attempted to mimic human-class perceptual capabilities using color and depth cameras.

At Surreal Vision, we are overhauling state-of-the-art 3D scene reconstruction algorithms to provide a rich, up-to-date model of everything in the environment including people and their interactions with each other. We’re developing breakthrough techniques to capture, interpret, manage, analyse, and finally reproject in real-time a model of reality back to the user in a way that feels real, creating a new, mixed reality that brings together the virtual and real worlds.

Ultimately, these technologies will lead to VR and AR systems that can be used in any condition, day or night, indoors or outdoors. They will open the door to true telepresence, where people can visit anyone, anywhere.

Much progress has been made toward this future, but significant challenges remain. For virtual reality, the accuracy and quality of the continuously updating 3D reconstruction must be near flawless, which is a requirement almost no other modern computer vision problem faces. When we cross these seminal thresholds, users will perceive the virtual world as truly real – and that is the experience we’re driving toward.

By achieving the ability to continuously reconstruct and track the world around us, we’ll be able to build an understanding of the world at a semantic level. This will bring the power of the digital world to the myriad of interactions we as humans perform everyday, leading toward a breakthrough in human-computer interaction and a computing platform that has true spatial awareness.

Given the team, the resources, and this shared vision, there’s no better place for us to help bring about these breakthroughs than Oculus. We’re incredibly excited for the future.”



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