Swordsman Online Teases New Class

Today, Perfect World Entertainment released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Swordsman: Lone Wanderer expansion, which showcases the Falconer class and additional game updates.


Swordsman: Lone Wanderer introduces the dangerous new Falconer faction into the game. The Falconers are the last remaining survivors of the Legendary Infinity School after a bloody massacre nearly wiped them out. Their only companions are ferocious eagles, which they’ve raised from hatchlings, that help the Falconers perform deadly aerial combos.

In addition to the new faction, players will be able to smelt Sun and Moon Shard weapons to level 7 in order to create Glass Weapons. These new weapons will allow players to become more powerful than ever before. Furthermore, the level cap will be raised to 99, there will be new endgame content, a free-for-all PvP area, and the new Scenery Stone character improvement system.

Our Thoughts:

The new Falconer class definitely looks interesting, at least from the trailer, and the ability to use an eagle to perform aerial combo attacks is a fairly new twist. Although the expansion release date hasn’t been announced, it’s hinted that it won’t be too far off. Hopefully the information revealed today can hold fans over until the official launch.

Source: Press Release

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