SWTOR Announces New Expansion: Strongholds

For any and every Star Wars: The Old Republic player, one of the most requested features has been player-owned housing. Bioware has granted the players’s wishes as SWTOR announces its new expansion, Galactic Strongholds. Billed as more than a simple housing update, Strongholds adds a variety of new features. Not only does it add player housing, it also implements a guild hall system as well.

Players will be able to purchase housing on a variety of different planets. You will also be able to own more than one home, as well as standard features such as customization. Strongholds also feature a universal storage system, allowing you to access storage from any character on your account.


You will be able to acquire furniture and decorations through a variety of different means. Aside from being able to purchase decorations at various vendors players can acquire unique items through quests and player vs player. Unique items will also be available for purchase in the cash shop. Every time you place a new item in your home it will also increase your characters prestige score.

The other major feature planned for this update is Guild Flagships. Guilds can work together as a group and collectively purchase a Flagship. This is more than just a simple guildhall. Guilds can place their flagship over a particular planet, granting powerful buffs to members. Flagships also have a variety of customization features. Guilds that own a flagship will be able to compete with other guilds for control of the planets. This will be done through a system of challenges called “conquests”. At this time no direct PVP between flagships will be offered.


Subscribers who have an active subscription and subscribed before before or on May 11th get a bunch of extra goodies, including 5 rooms unlocked in their stronghold located in Nar Shaddaa, a value of 4 million credits. Subscribers get access to Strongholds starting on August 19th and preferred users (players who have spent money in the cash shop) will get access starting September 16th. The update goes live for all players starting on October 14th.

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