SWTOR Devs Discuss Knights of the Eternal Throne Class Changes

With the coming of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, players will soon have five more levels worth of goodness to look forward to. In preparation, the devs of SWTOR have made several forum posts detailing Knights of the Eternal Throne class changes, which include new skills and utilities.


The details for each update are spread out across the SWTOR class forums, but many share similarities among each class. Sith Warriors and Knights will see Ravage and Blade Dance become instant cast skills to add mobility. Guard will no longer have any Form restrictiosn for Guardians or Juggernauts, and Marauders and Sentinels will have an ability that decreases target armor and movement speed.

Operatives and Smugglers will see AoE abilities that drop nearby and damage enemies, along with ranged stuns for Snipers and Scoundrels, and the ability to use Take Cover and Crouch no longer offered to Operatives and Gunslingers.

SWTOR Coruscant Postcard

Bounty Hunters and Troopers are getting changes that seek to make their sub-classes unique. Powertechs and Vanguards will see TAoE skills Death From Above and Mortar Volley replaced with new skills along with Flamethrower and Pulse Cannon. Commandos and Mercenaries will have extra abilities to improve their survivability, such as an ability that absorbs single target damage, reflects 50% back and heals for 5% with each attack received.

Finally, Inquistors and Consulars will also see changes that improve the identities of their respective sub-classes. Specifically, many abilities such as Phase Walk, Crushing Darkness and Telekinetic Throw will become exclusives to Sorcerers and Sages. Shadows and Assassins are having some mobility reduced while skills that improve their stealthy prowess will increase, like Double Strike and Thrash becoming exclusives and being granted at level 1.

The adjustments are all listed as examples of what will arrive with the expansion, and are all subject to change. You can read more details about your chosen class changes here.

Our Thoughts

With five more levels of progression, it was a matter of time before we started to learn more about what new toys each class in SWTOR would have to play with. We’re sure this information is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Your Thoughts

How differently will your favorite class play once Knights of the Eternal Throne releases? Are you overall pleased with the proposed adjustments, or are you upset by them? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: official forums

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