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SWTOR: Major changes to Flashpoints and Operations

With Knights of the Fallen Empire come several new updates to existing Knight of the Old Republic features, including revamped Flashpoints and Operations.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

According to a dev blog post yesterday, Flashpoints have received a retooling. Flashpoints are now necessary to the story and can be completed in Solo Mode.

From the dev blog:

For Flashpoints, we have made quite a few changes to give you more options on what to play, and how to play them. For starters, all of the Flashpoints which are important to the core story have had a Solo Mode added, similar to what we did for the Forged Alliances Flashpoints. Also, those Solo Modes are repeatable, so you can play through them again if you want! These Solo Mode Flashpoints use a new level sync system that lowers your character’s level and power to the level of the Flashpoint, ensuring that you’re experiencing the content at the difficulty level intended – you never have to skip story content because you’re over-leveled for it!

Furthermore, Story Mode Flashpoints are now Tactical, meaning they can completed at any level between 10 and 65. They can be played at various levels. Hard mode Flashpoints are also receiving an update. Red Reaper will become available for players level 50 or above.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Operations have received a larger change. Every Operation has been raised to level 65.

From the dev blog:

Operations are a larger change, in that every single Operation in SWTOR will be raised to level 65! Every Operation will drop a new tier of Elder Game gear, as well as new vanity rewards such as Mounts, Vehicles, and Decorations for your Stronghold. Story Mode Operations will be playable from Level 50 to Level 65, and will grant a Bolster to ensure everyone in your group is prepared! Soa will once again be the ancient Rakatan Warlord who threatens to take over the Galaxy, with the challenge to match!

Also, several updates have been made for Group Finder, and players can now participate in Nightmare Mode Operations matches.


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