SWTOR’s Fall Content Roadmap Includes New Story

As summer winds down and most of us look forward to the autumn months, the devs of Star Wars The Old Republic are hoping that players will look forward to what’s on tap for the MMORPG. A SWTOR fall content roadmap has a number of new details, including a new story-focused update.

swtor fall content roadmap

Some time this fall will see Update 5.10 – Jedi Under Siege. This new update will continue the game’s storyline with events that take place on an ancient Jedi world that has featured in the Tales of the Jedi comics. Players can expect a new Daily area with separate stories for Republic and Empire sides, and the promise of returning favorite characters.

Further down the line, players can look forward to other features such as a new tier of equipment that can be earned via crafting schematics; a number of new Guild features including a progression system and GvG PvP matches; and a Master Mode version of Gods from the Machine.

More concrete details on all that’s coming with Update 5.10 are expected in the coming months, but those who’d like the general rundown of what’s next can check out a timeline here.

Our Thoughts

Yay, more story! Honestly, we’re kind of happy to put the Eternal Throne arc to bed and are very curious to learn more about these next narrative beats for Star Wars The Old Republic.

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