Symmetra to Switch Roles from Support to Defense in Overwatch

I can assure you from years of schooling that being picked last to play is one of the worst feelings, so my heart goes to Overwatch’s Symmetra when it comes to her apparent selection rate. That might change in the near future, however, as one of the shooter’s devs has gone over a Symmetra role change, swapping the character from Support to Defense.

symmetra role change

According to a forum post by lead designer Geoff Goodman, the game’s current dev build has Symmetra taking the Defense role with emphasis on new ways for her turrets to deploy. Instead of having to walk up to a wall herself, she can now fire them like a projectile to stick to walls and ceilings. The turrets travel in a straight line but also have a slow travel speed in order for players to see them coming, and their maximum deployment number is reduced to three but will get an increase in both damage and speed reduction to whatever they fire at.

Goodman also went on to detail adjustments to Symmetra’s weapon. Namely, the primary fire is switching from an auto-locking beam to a straight beam that has larger circumference and longer range. The beam will continue to see an uptick in damage for sustained fire and is getting an overall damage buff, but the shot has to remain on-target for two straight seconds per tick. Another interesting feature is her primary fire will actually generate ammo when shooting a barrier instead of consuming it, making her a potentially potent shield-breaker.

As for the weapon’s secondary fire, it’s gone through a number of noteworthy changes as well. It will take one second to charge up the shot, the projectile speed is being “significantly” increased, and instead of piercing targets the projectile will now explode and cause splash damage when it hits targets or surfaces.

symmetra role change

Finally, Symmetra’s abilities are also getting adjusted. Her teleporter will now be her E ability, which can have its exit placed up to 25 meters away. Once the exit is placed, the entrance will appear directly in front of Symmetra instead of at spawn. The devs are also working on making things other than other players pass through the teleporter, such as Junkrat’s RIP Tire or D.Va’s detonating mech.

Finally, Symmetra’s Photon Barrier will be her Ultimate ability, switching from a projectile to a static barrier that is infinite in size and has 5000 health. Deployment of this new Photon Barrier will operate much like Mei’s Ice Wall currently does.

Of course, all of these adjustments are stressed to be in early phases and could be adjusted, tweaked, or outright dropped in the meantime. There’s currently no word on when this new version of Symmetra will land on PTR.

Our Thoughts

Wow! These are some incredibly dramatic adjustments to Symmetra’s overall kit. Considering the character has been lagging behind in utility in the grander scheme of Overwatch team composition, it’s understandable, but these are also not mere number adjustments! Where do you stand on this new-look Symmetra?

Source: official forums

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