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T-80 Main Battle Tank Coming to Armored Warfare, the publishers of Armored Warfare, have announced a new playable tank today. T-80. Originally constructed in the Soviet Union, this tank earned the reputation as an outstanding combat vehicle, and was praised by many experts and tank commanders. Watch the video to find out more about this military machine.

In Armored Warfare the T-80 is a Tier 7 vehicle. The main characteristics of this battle tank are high damage and high mobility. The T-80 is very efficient in close-quarters combat. The top gun can consistently deal a large amount of damage per shot, but the lower accuracy, long aim time, make the T-80 far less effective against targets at longer ranges.

The T-80 has powerful frontal armor on the hull and turret, but the weak rear and side armor makes this vehicle highly vulnerable to flanking attacks. Those who use T-80 should constantly be covering the rear or use the landscape to protect yourself from vulnerable flanking.

At this time has not announced a firm release date for the T-80, but states it will be coming very soon. For all those interested in playing the beta, you can do so here.

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