TERA to Celebrate Sixth Anniversary All Through May on PC

All through the entire month of May, PC players will get to experience a TERA sixth anniversary celebration full of multiple in-game events, bonuses, and EMP Store sales, while contests will be held out-of-game for the more artistically minded.

tera sixth anniversary

Every week in May, players can login and experience double guild quest rewards, bonus rewards from both dungeons and battlegrounds, and in-game events involving the game’s BAMs and even the rare Terron enemies. There will also be En Masse staff in-game during weekdays who will be handing out free scarves to players who can find them and politely ask for one.

Outside of the game, the creative TERA fan can get involved in some new anniversary loading screen art and screenshot contests, with details on the prizes up for grabs likely to be revealed later. TERA will also be offering daily deals, mystery item releases, and other store-related releases.

The events kick off on the date of TERA’s sixth anniversary, this coming Tuesday, May 1st for those on PC. En Masse has created a landing page with a calendar that lays out all of the events that are happening all through May.

Our Thoughts

An entire month’s worth of free stuff and other events? Yep, sounds like a pretty good time to us! We hope that TERA fans will enjoy themselves and would like to congratulate the devs of TERA on the sixth anniversary.

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