TERA Celebrates Summer with Blood on the Beach

Summer has arrived in the realm of TERA, and that means a seasonal in-game event! This year’s TERA Summer Festival is back once more for more minigames, more sun, and of course, more swimsuits.

tera summer festival

The Summer fun happens in two locations: Dragonturtle Beach near Castanica and Balder’s Refuge. Players can hit the beach for minigames with water cannons, sand castles, and watermelon smashing, or players level 48 and up can take on some beach party quests.

Balder’s Refuge, meanwhile, houses the Festival of the Sun. Players level 58 and higher will receive random daily quests where they’ll have to fight off monsters, help clean the Temple of the Sun, or collect ingredients for a sweet frozen treat.

Completing events will net you Claret and Temple Medallions, which can be spent on Summer Festival loot boxes that contain a variety of retired swimsuits and Summer accessories. Players can also buy these loot boxes and check out 2017’s new swimsuit lineup in the in-game store.

TERA celebrates the season starting on Thursday, July 13th and doesn’t stop until Tuesday, August 1st. A very TERA-like trailer for the event can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We love a good Summer event in MMOs, and TERA’s definitely looks like a lot of fun. We’re sure that players will be pleased to see that retired swimwear is making a comeback, though it would be nicer if those items weren’t stuffed into a lockbox. May the RNG Gods be kind to TERA fans!

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