TERA Dark Cathedral New Dungeon Flythrough Trailer

The echoed chants that reverberate through the halls of Dark Cathedral are not meant to catch the ear of a God, they are intended to bring one back.  In this new dungeon flythrough Action-MMORPG TERA players can get a head start on the dangers that await them when they reach the entrance to Dark Cathedral…

Standing alone in the desert wasteland, Dark Cathedral will test adventurers’ mettle as they battle through the sacred halls of this tainted relic.  Lok, a once powerful but now vanquished demon god, has long since disappeared but through the use of powerful dark magic this clergy is hell bent on resurrecting their savior.

Once home to thousands, the 3-tiered Dark Cathedral is now home only to a perverse collection of mismatched forces. Battling through the opening wave of monsters and barricades, warriors will soon stumble upon the clergy who act as the last line of defence before the Dark Bishop —œ the guiding force behind the unholy crusade.  Defeating him will allow access to the third and final floor where a collection of censer-wielding champions together comprise the final challenge.  Only after defeating all three, will the threat finally be put to rest.

Check out our hands-on preview of TERA Online HERE!

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