TERA Fate Of Arun Update Coming February 24th: Guild Housing!

TERA’s next content updated, arriving February 24th, has those two words that most players clamour for in their MMOs. Guild Housing.

Coming next month guilds will be able to claim themselves a Skycastle. Perched in the clouds above the major cities, Skycastles will be the ultimate symbol of prestige for the most dedicated player guilds.


En Masse Entertainment Producer, Patrick “Treeshark” Sun, had the following to say on their version of guild housing, Skycastles.

“There’s never been a better time to join a guild, make new friends, or reconnect with old comrades in TERA. Guild housing is a much requested feature from our players and we’re excited to reward our dedicated fan base with a castle in the sky they and their guild can call their own.”

They will be available to the top-ranking guilds on each server through two new, ongoing four-week guild competitions that track guild points earned from activities like dungeons, battlegrounds, and guild vs. guild battles. Each Skycastle can be customized to offer worthy guilds the ability to personalize their stake in the skies.


Also debuting in the content update there will be a new hard mode for Bathysmal Rise, the dungeon we explored in our TERA Fate of Arun preview last month. Players can also look forward to a new dungeon instance set on the airship Sky Cruiser Endeavor and a new 5-on-5 PvP Battleground, Champions’ Skyring mark V.

Interested in checking out TERA? Head on over to our game info page here and keep an eye out in the coming weeks where we try to sneak into the sky ourselves.

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