TERA Free to Play Date Confirmed

TERA is a subscription-based fantasy action MMORPG that is making the move to a free-to-play business model soon. Recently, European publisher GameForge announced that the conversion will take place on February 5th. The date will also mark the release of new content for TERA, including a 3v3 arena for the PvP enthusiasts and a new dungeon.

Free-to-Play will come with two offerings, Free and Veteran with free users receiving access to all the games current content while those who have previously subscribed will receive Veteran status and a few special perks that come with it. All players will have access to the new TERA Club, requiring a monthly subscription of €12.95 (€11.65 3/mnth or €9.99 12/mnth), offers players access to a unique mount, daily boosts, and scrolls.

An item shop will be introduced that allows players to buy boosts items and potions for character development. In the future this shop will continue to be filled with exclusive mounts, clothing, and weapon skins. Additionally there is another planned update to be released later this year which will add three alliances to the political system, members of guilds can join one of these alliances and fight for control over the server.

To find out more about TERA, visit the game page.

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