Tera: ‘Go Berserk!’ on July 7

Tera’s newest update brings a ton of content to the massively popular MMORPG, including new berserker skills, a dressing room feature, and tier 7 armor sets.

‘Go Berserk!’ – Tera’s Newest Update

According to a new Tera-sponsored mirco-site, the game’s newest patch will feature several new berserker skills for tanks, a dressing room for costume previews, three sets of tier seven armor, and ‘lots more content!’ The site also unveils the return of Shattered Fleet, the all-new Timescape dungeon, a revamped Kaprima, a new raid dungeon called Akeron’s Inferno, and the Gridiron battleground.

Berserker Skills

Berserkers now have five new abilities that encourage tanking:


Intimidation is the key to berserker tanking. While active, this skill generates aggro around the berserker, increases attack aggro, and reduces crits. Intimidation also alters Axe Block, Flatten, Staggering Strike, Fiery Rage, Raze, and Unchained Anger, adding new effects that increase aggro, decrease damage, and restore HP.

Evasive Roll

Dodge enemy attacks while Intimidation is active.

Axe Counter

A counterattack usable while Intimidation is active that increases knockdown resistance and reduces damage taken while attacking.


Rush a distant enemy and attack, often knocking down that monster.

Punishing Strike

A quick attack usable while Intimidation is active that generates high aggro. Follow up with a second Punishing Strike to decrease the target’s Endurance.



Tera has also introduced a new dungeon, Timescape.

From the developer’s blog:

“Time and space are being fractured deep down inside the Time Core. Battle your way through dragons, kumas, and floating islands of rock to face Yana before the master of time and space can shatter the bubble of the dream. This 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters offers both normal and hard modes.”

Dressing Room

A dressing room feature has also been added. Now players can preview costumes before wearing them out into the world.

Tier 7 Gear

Tier 7 gear will also be available for all characters of appropriate level and strength. There will be three forms of Tier 7 gear in the Berserk update:


Tier 7 PvE gear that has a chance of dropping in Akeron’s Inferno hard mode, but can also be crafted. Schisma gear cannot be awakened.


Tier 7 PvE recipes are rewards from “The Secret Master” quest. Lucid gear can be awakened.


Tier 7 PvP gear only available from a crafter with enough Killing Spree rep to purchase the recipe. Tensus gear can be awakened.


Source: Tera: “Go Berserk!”

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