TERA Introduces Battlegrounds

TERA is a subscription-based fantasy MMORPG featuring intense action-based combat in an open-world. Recently the developer announced a new update for the popular MMO, introducing an end-game raid and one of the most highly-anticipated features – Battlegrounds. Polish your armor, sharpen your blades, and jump straight in to 15v15 player battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds offer players a place to participate in structured, objective-based PvP that provides rewards for both PvP and PvE focused players. For those who are PvE-minded, don’t forget about the Argon Queen – her days are numbered and there’s not long left to finish off the dreaded monarch permanently. This latest update has introduced 3 new dungeons, a new raid system, the first 20 player raid, class balancing, skills for lancers and warriors, and new story and zone quests.

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