TERA: New Patch Introduces Dreamstorm and BuddyUp System

TERA’s newest patch, Patch 34.07, brings with it a bunch of new stuff to be excited about as well as some changes to the game.


The Dreamstorm

First up, the game introduces a level 65 world event that takes place in Northern Arun, called the Dreamstorm. Archdevans and their demokron forces are attempting to destroy reality-stabilizing Oneiric Generations deployed by the barakas of Highwatch, and it’s up to you to stop them!

Only level 65 players can participate in the Dreamstorm events. The way it works is as followed: The first 30 such players to arrive at one of the seven Dreamstorm sites and accept the quest “Operation: Overwatch” from one of the baraka NPCs can join the defense effort. While only 30 players per site can get the quest and receive rewards, all nearby players are able to assist. The world map displays how many players are at each location, and how much time remains until Operation: Overwatch begins. If you select a Dreamstorm location and left-click the icon, you’ll be teleported there.


A system message will announce the event, after which Dreamstorm locations appear on the world map. Interested players will then have ten minutes to reach one of the seven sites and get the quest. Once the event begins, players can no longer accept the quest, and leaving the immediate area of the Dreamstorm removes the quest from their quest logs.

Participants must defend the central generator and its four focusing arrays from attacking waves for ten minutes. At the end of that time, all players who killed at least five enemies (in other words, players who got the final blow) receive rewards. The more health the generators have at the end of the event, the better the rewards will be. No matter the outcome of the event, players participating in Operation: Overwatch receive an individual gold award based on the number of enemies they kill.


Via the BuddyUp system, players can get benefits for referring a friend to play TERA and get more benefits as that friend levels up. If you wish to use the BuddyUp system, you have to be level 40 or above, as you are the mentor. Recruits must be players who have not played TERA in the past 30 days. Recruits can only apply one BuddyUp code, so you can’t gain more than one set of rewards per character. The BuddyUp code can only be applied to a character of level 9 or lower.


You can find your BuddyUp information in the fourth tab if you press “U” in-game. Each BuddyUp code is valid for a month, and up to three recruits can redeem a code. The following month, you can generate a new code and recruit three more friends.When you email your friends a BuddyUp code, it’ll contain the details of what server you play on, your character name, the BuddyUp code, and a link to the TERA website, where they can download the game and start playing TERA. After the recruit logs in, he or she will then see the spot to enter the BuddyUp code on the character selection screen. You’ll automatically have each other in your friends list, so you can play together to build up your friendship level!

Mentors and Recruits will receive rewards every 10 levels and at the maximum level cap of 65. You won’t be getting the same rewards, but rewards on both sides are still very nice. For the full list of rewards, you can check it in-game or you can go here to see the full BuddyUp guide.


A Wedding Chapel has been added to Isren’s Bower in Scythera Fae, with an officiant and three assistants, a modified bower appearance to fit the wedding theme and wedding-related items for sale.


The Chest of Bravery has been removed from several dungeons, including Vault of Kaprima, Shattered Fleet, and more. The drop rate of Schisma gear in Akeron’s Inferno on both difficulty settings has been increased. A Tensus Treasure chest to has been added to Akeron’s Inferno (Hard) and Timescape as well, among other changes to the Dungeons.

Some minor changes have been made to the Battlegrounds, the Noctenium Infusion effects and Noctenium Infusion in general, Crusade, and Enchanting. Several Class changes have been made as well, most notably are the glyph point cost reductions and the alterations to the base power of certain classes.

For the full list of changes and more information about the patch, you can visit the official TERA forums.

Source: TERA forums

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