TERA Offers Seven Day Free Trials

TERA is a new open world, fantasy action MMORPG published in North America by En Masse Entertainment. Recently, Vice President of Publishing Chris Lee announced that the North American version of TERA is not only offering an online streaming demo, but also a free seven day trial. The streamed demo, which has been available for a short time now, offers players a few pre-selected characters, while the trial allows players to create their own.

Free trials will offer players seven days to try out the game, with eight available character slots and a level cap of 23. Chris Lee stated that current players are spending at least four and a half hours a day playing TERA, and believes that anyone who plays the trial will be convinced by the end of their seven days to subscribe. Have you been on the fence so far? Maybe now is your chance to see for certain whether or not TERA is for you. If you haven’t already, check out our TERA review before heading over to try out the game for yourself.

Visit the official TERA site to start your free trial!

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