TERA Online Beta Sign Up Announced

The moment a lot of avid ActionMMORPG fans have been waiting for is finally here. Say goodbye to repetitive clusters of instances that today’s Action-MMORPGs force you to deal with and say hello to a wide open world. TERA Online Closed Beta sign-ups have begun and fans can now register for their chance to participate. If you miss the initial sign-up wave, don’t worry! There will be more in phases as the beta progresses right up until, Open Beta! Hell yeah!

TERA Online is set to release in spring this year and the developers are hoping it changes the genre forever, so are we. It’s about damn time someone gave us the action combat system in an open-world MMORPG and if you are as excited as I am, you will want to get in straight away! North American players should register for the closed beta by clicking here. European players can register for the closed beta by clicking here. Only 1,000 lucky players will be chosen so if you want to get in you have to register today! Otherwise you will have to wait for the next batch and that’s just not cool.

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