TERA Online CBT4 Reveals New Content

TERA Online is an upcoming subscription-based actionMMORPG currently in closed beta. Frogster, the European publisher, has recently revealed all the details for the upcoming closed beta test this weekend. Starting today, Friday the 30th of March at 15:00 CET, TERA will launch CBT4 and run through to Sunday the 1st of April at midnight CET. That’s a total of 50 hours playtime for beta testers to try out the new content available.

MMO Games TERA Online CBT4 Screenshots

The level cap has been raised to 38, enabling players to tackle new quests and brave new perilous dungeons. Eldritch Academy and Dark Cathedral are new dungeons, followed by the Cultists’ Refuge instance. Not only can players face the dangers within these new dungeons, a new in-game event in which thieves have been pilfering Easter eggs has been introduced. Players must work diligently to recover all the stolen eggs from the thieves.

Players who have pre-ordered TERA will automatically be granted access to all current and future beta tests, along with a head-start before official launch. Frogster were kind enough to reveal three new screenshots, showcasing images of the terrifying Berylheart, the deadly Shurian Mindbender and Valgmore with his hungry Vacerbus. TERA will be launched on the 3rd of May 2012 and will be a subscription-based MMORPG.

MMO Games TERA CBT4 Screenshot

MMO Games TERA Online Closed Beta Screenshot

Visit the official TERA site to find out more!

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