TERA Online: How to Grief Noobs

TERA Online is a subscription-based, fantasy actionMMORPG which recently launched in North America and Europe. One of the key focuses for this particular MMO is PvP, featuring a rather interesting outlaw system which to my delight, can be used for many different forms of griefing. A lot of people are against griefing tactics, if you are one of these people, too bad it’s still funny.

Players can’t be attacked in a safe zone, meaning most people will just run to a close-by safe spot when they realize how superior your skills are. This can be used to your advantage however, most players are too stupid to realize that not all outposts are safe spots. Because these inferior players do not realize this, they often AFK in these areas for extended periods of time. Travel to one of these areas and unleash your talent all over their little AFK faces.

Roads are also a good place.
(Morons AFK here too)

Sometimes these rejects of other less hardcore MMOs feel that they don’t need to find a safe spot to AFK, some just AFK right in the middle of the road. If you come across these people, don’t hesitate to show them why no one loiters on your roads.

MMO Games TERA Online Elin Screenshot

TIP #2
Find people fighting Elites/BAMs.
Interrupt the fight.
Shut it down.
Run away.

Sometimes people think they can just kill your BAMs without even asking first. Go to an area where Elites/BAMs spawn and look for players trying to solo or a small group who seems to be having trouble. If they are going to fight your mobs, they should at least do a good job, so teach them a lesson. Hunt down these players and kill them mid-fight. 

The skillful player will wait until the person fighting the BAM suffers a knockdown, giving enough time to line up that perfect shot/blow. If there are only groups of players around, attack the healer first. As the healer defends himself he won’t be healing his party and therefore they will be much easier to kill once you’re done with the healer.

MMO Games TERA Elin Screenshot

TIP #3
Noobs hiding in safe spots?
Kite a BAM to them.

Sometimes there are people who feel that PvP servers are unfair (QQ more), these people love hiding in safe spots and laughing at you as you circle the location like a dog herding cattle. Don’t worry though, because while he is laughing, you’ll be kiting a BAM straight to him. The perfect place to do this is outside of dungeon entrances, BAMs are generally close enough to kite and a lot of players AFK here while waiting for groups. 

Attack a BAM, run to the safe spot and stop attacking! Other players always jump in to fight, dragging the aggro off you and setting the beast free to trample across groups of helpless AFK’ing noobs. If some players manage to kill your BAM, just drag it back again, if you’re lucky you might even be able to grab two.

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