TERA Online Sneak Peek Access Key Giveaway Round 2

Please note this is a European Sneak Peek only!

Yesterday we gave over 2000 of our European readers the chance to participate in this weekends Sneak Peek Event for Tera Online Europe. Frogster was nice enough to match our demand for keys as best they could, you guys snatched those keys faster than any giveaway we have ever held.

MMO Games TERA Online Screenshot

There were a lot of you however who missed out due to being at work or school, sorry guys! If you visit our site regularly you would know that we are gamers ourselves and we love sharing this kind of stuff with you guys. We understand how much it sucks to miss out on a chance to play the game you have been desperately waiting for. So once again, we’ve received even more keys from Frogster!

Remember though, over 2000 keys disappeared in less than 2 hours yesterday so these won’t last very long at all but another 1000 of our readers will have the chance to participate. Head on over to our giveaway page to grab your key! If you miss out head on over to our Facebook group to stay up to date on the situation, if we get more keys you’ll find out a lot quicker than refreshing this news piece like a mad person.

MMO Games TERA Online Screenshot

Thanks again to all our new and returning readers who have made this an awesome giveaway. We enjoy giving gamers the ability to try out awesome games such as these and you coming to our site makes it all possible! Don’t forget to show your love to Frogster who made this happen so quickly, visit their TERA Europe facebook page and give it a like!

UPDATE: All the keys have been taken! You want more? Okay, consider it done. Another 1000 keys have been added. That brings us to over 4000 keys given away once this batch is gone, insane!

Visit the TERA Online Sneak Peek Giveaway page to grab your key!

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