TERA Online Sneak Peek Access Key Giveaway

The time is finally here, we have been waiting for it with anticipation, what about you? TERA Online is holding a sneak peek preview this weekend for select lucky gamers before the upcoming fantasy actionMMORPG enters closed beta. On Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of February, TERA Online servers will go live from 3PM – 12AM CET on both days. 

To participate in this event, players require a special access key to play in the sneak peek. With this being the case we wouldn’t be the best damn MMO site around if we didn’t give away keys for this event, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Awesome of us, I know.

MMO Games TERA Online Beta Timeline

This week MMOGames has teamed up with popular European publisher, Frogster, to give away 200 special access keys to the European sneak peek to our lucky readers. Once again, this is only a preview and once the sneak peek is over the server will be wiped in preperation for Closed Beta. Frogster has also happily revealed their beta schedule for TERA Online. 

The picture above shows the dates for both the closed and open betas right up to launch, the first being on February 17th. So what are you waiting for? There are only 200 keys, click the link below to go to our giveaway page and claim your key before they all run out!

MMO Games TERA Online Screenshot
UPDATE: Almost all the keys disappeared instantly, you guys really want to play TERA! You are demanding more keys and we love our readers so we don’t want to see them miss out. We asked Frogster to provide more keys and being the awesome guys that they are they sent 500 more our way. 
At the time of writing, half the keys have disappeared already, it won’t be long and the new batch will be gone too so hurry! If you miss out don’t worry though, we will be doing extensive coverage of TERA over the weekend and will have lots of goodies to post.
UPDATE AGAIN: As I said, the keys are disappearing pretty fast. They are all gone now and well unfortunately, you have missed out. Just kidding! Frogster gave us another 500 keys, so make sure you send them lots of love for being so generous to our readers. Enjoy!
MMO Games TERA Online Screenshot
YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay guys calm down. You depleted the next batch of 500 in record time, you can stop panicking though because Frogster gave us another batch of 1000 keys. Don’t doubt it when I say these will be gone in the blink of an eye as well!
FINAL UPDATE: You guys demanded more keys, we begged Frogster even more keys and they develiered. Find out more here: http://www.mmogames.com/gamenews/5038/tera-online-sneak-peek-access-key-giveaway-round-2

Visit the TERA Online Sneak Peek Giveaway page to grab your key!

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