TERA Patch 1.0.29 Goes Live Today

TERA is a subscription-based, fantasy actionMMORPG which recently launched in North America and Europe. The European version launched with a little controversy over the censoring of parts of the game, in order to meet the PEGI 12 rating. One of the hot topics was the fact that the slider for blood effects had been removed and blood made nearly non-existant. Well, European fans, today you will be happy to know that the blood slider is returning.

MMO Games TERA Blood Effects Screenshot

Patch 1.0.29 will go live today and bring with it a host of very welcome changes. Besides blood effects, other notable changes are: guild emblems are returning, the political system begins on May 16th, a clock has been added in-game and certain vendors have disappeared from towns and await a Vanarch to restore them. The servers are set to go live again at 14:00 CEST, in which time players will be able to enjoy the new patch. You can also read the full patch notes.

Visit the TERA game page to find out more!

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