TERA Political System Trailer Released

TERA is a highly-anticipated Fantasy ActionMMORPG that has gained a lot of buzz for taking traditional action combat and utilizing it in a traditional MMORPG open world. Players won’t be restricted to towns and instances, they will have a wide open landscape to explore and ultimately, control. Frogster, European publisher for TERA, has released a new video detailing the political system in TERA. Players can rise to Vanarch and rule over their server, how they claim the throne is up to them.

A player may claim their seat of power through battlegrounds or popular vote. In battlegrounds, players must crush all their enemies in order to prove they are the number one warrior, whereas a more social player can rise to power by obtaining votes from other players. This system allows players to utilize social media sites and in-game communication to boost their votes and run what virtually is an electoral campaign. If you don’t want to deal with the people and just want to claim the power through brute force, be prepared because it won’t be an easy fight.

Once in power, a Vanarch can raise or lower taxes, open speciality stores, place teleports and much more. These perks don’t come easily however, a Vanarch needs a faithful guild to support them in the duties required with this new found power. Vanarch quests consist of some of the hardest encounters in the game, completing these quests will reward the Vanarch with points that can be used to enact changes such as opening stores or teleports. Will you rise to power? Could you be the next Vanarch or will you sit on the sideline and support someone more capable?

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