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TERA Secrets & Shadows Now Available

The latest update, TERA Secrets & Shadows, brings new dungeons, flying mounts, and the new Ninja class to the action MMORPG.

Now available for the Elin race, the ninja class relies on unmatched agility, deadly shurikens, and hit-and-run tactics to take down much larger foes. Furthermore, flying mounts will give players a new perspective on the world of TERA.

“The Secrets & Shadows update expands on the world of TERA with major additions in the form of a new class, as well as a new way to see the game world in flying mounts,” TERA Producer Patrick Sun said. “It’s an opportunity to reward our longtime fans with fresh story elements, as well as show off to new players just how rich and dynamic the world of TERA can be.”

Finally, players will be able to see the conclusion of the storyline from the Fate of Arun expansion. The evil lord Dakuryon will be returning in the story arc “In the Shadow of Fate” to bring about a new reign of terror.

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Our Thoughts:

The recent class releases for TERA have been quite a lot of fun, and there’s no doubt that the ninja will follow suit. However, it’s still unfortunate that these classes are being race/gender locked. There hasn’t been a single male-only character, and while we’re aware that female characters tend to sell better, it would be nice to include more diversity.

Source: Press Release

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