TERA’s Third Closed Beta Test

TERA Third Closed Beta Test
Seoul, Korea, February 25, 2010 – Bluehole Studio released details on the 3rd Closed Beta Test (CBT) of its Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game, TERA. Bluehole Studio spent 3 years and 32 billion Won (US$ 24 million) on developing TERA that matches with console game graphic quality and ground-breaking non-targeting gameplay system. 
With its proprietary technology, TERA built an enormous scale of the Seamless World that includes cities, fields, NPCs and monsters. TERA features powerful action and strategic teamplay based on non-targeting battle system.  
In this CBT, TERA will offer a part of six tribes, eight classes, and 88 characters. New content update for the CBT includes new maps, 68 techniques, a party invite bulletin, instance dungeons, and medal system. Also, in the CBT, TERA features some additional movements such as swim, jump, climb as well as in-game voice chat via Hangame, Quick Menu, and equipment items. 
Total of 20,000 users will be joining the 3rd CBT. 
For more information on TERA, visit http://www.tera-online.com 
About Bluehole
Thus Bluehole Studio was born in March 2007 in Seoul, Korea, with a focused mission to develop premium MMORPG for audiences around the world. Over the last 2 years Bluehole has grown into a world class company, and it is partially owned by international venture capitals who share this bold vision, such as Altos Ventures (www.altosventures.com <http://www.altosventures.com> ) based in Silicon Valley, California.

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