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TESO: Morrowind Patch Notes Set Official Forums on Fire

The Morrowind patch notes have been shared on the ESO forums, and there is a lot to take in as one would expect with an expansion’s arrival. That said, most players appear to be focusing on one thing specifically: nerfs to the MMO’s existing classes.

morrowind patch notes

On the table is a variety of changes to resource recovery, with adjustments being made to make resource recovery feel less “trivial” according to the developers. “Our goal with these changes is to have a combat system that reinforces decision making and resource management,” explains the post.

In specific: Restoring Light Templars will now see Repentance restore Health and Stamina based on character level instead of their maximum resource while only granting Stamina to the caster, while Sacred Ground provides Minor Mending instead of Major Mending.

Earthen Heart Dragonknight’s Battle Roar passive will recover an equal amount of Health, Magicka, and Stamina, and that recovery is now based on character level instead of max resources. Meanwhile, Igneous Shield’s Major Mending buff will now be tied to the character’s damage shield, meaning that if a damage shield is removed, the bonus goes away as well.

morrowind patch notes

The adjustments have been met with the kind of harsh criticism that only official game forums can provide. Many players are bemoaning the nerfs to Templars and Dragonknights as excessive. “This is stroking the PVP players and dismissing out of hand the PVE content people. GREAT job,” writes one player. “So, basically, nerf old classes into the dirt so we’ll pony up the money for your new FOTM Warden?” suggests another response.

The devs have posted an official response to some of the outcry, particularly regarding the nerfs to Templar. “If you’re worried that there’s no reason to play a Templar over a Warden, or any other class, keep in mind that Templars have a stronger single target burst heal that’s easier to aim (Rushed Ceremony), they have a faster healing spammable ability with Healing Ritual, and their Ultimate heal hits targets in a 28m radius instead of 8 meters,” reads the post.

You can check out the patch notes and decide for yourself.

Our Thoughts

So while it’s easy to snap to judgment on early patch notes, perhaps the key word there is “early”. There’s still time for changes to be made to all of the nerfs as well as further tuning of the Warden class arriving in Morrowind. Ideally, time will see this matter settle and the devs will take a closer look at player response to decide what steps to take next.

Source: official forums

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