The Days of the Demon Lord are Numbered

The Days of the Demon Lord are Numbered       

Runes of Magic Patch ‘2.1.6 —œ Fall of the Demon Lord’ Lets Players go up Against the Demon Lord for the First Time                       

SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN – February 4, 2010        – The storming of the last haven of the Demon Lord has begun! Today, Runes of Magic new raid dungeon —œ the ‘Demon Stronghold’ —œ opens its gates. This is part of content patch ‘2.1.6 —œ Fall of the Demon Lord’, which Frogster will deploy across the servers on Wednesday.

Together with the new raid instance, the online role-playing game is also being expanded with an additional Public Encounter: ‘Bloodbath Valley’. This combat area for large groups, located in the Aotulia Volcano, is divided into four stages —œ the challenge for adventurers in this high-level area is to master them all. The goal in ‘Bloodbath Valley’ is to stem the threat of the Naga who are receiving support from a powerful guardian. But players aren’t going to be facing the waves of Naga warriors on their own: Flaming demons and special Elven Commandos will battle side by side with the allied adventurers.

On a more peaceful note, the ‘Flower Festival’, the Taborean version of Valentine Day, is also beginning. Within this in-game event, amorous adventurers can plant roses or get themselves titles or costumes —œ including a birthday suit. There also a new mini-game to bring a little variety to heroes’ everyday routines: There a packed treasure chamber waiting for players who enter a dungeon labyrinth and single-handedly can use their skills to tackle opponents and solve some tricky tasks.
Patch ‘2.1.6 —œ Fall of the Demon Lord’ also implements another epic quest series in Runes of Magic. This leads players, among other places, to the ‘Great Barrier’ which once kept the sinister Naga in exile. New elite skills, improvements in the hand crafting system, as well as balancing are also part of the update.  

The official website has more detailed information: . There is also a new trailer showing the new features in action at:

Runes of Magic —œ A World Full of Magic and Adventure          
Runes of Magic has redefined the standard for free-to-play MMORPGs in terms of gameplay, fun and quality. The online role-playing game has an exciting, multi-layered story, driven by more than 2,300 quests set in the fantasy world of Taborea. To date, Runes of Magic has attracted more than 2.5 million registered users, making it one of the most successful free-to-play titles on the market, and a must play game for all fans of RPGs and MMO games.

Runes of Magic features a unique dual class system enabling players to combine one of eight primary classes with a secondary class. The result is a deep player experience that expands upon the game broad customization offering. There are two different playable races, Elves and Humans, from which players can choose. Each dual class combination produces its own powerful elite skills. Another popular feature is the opportunity to furnish your own virtual home, and guilds can construct guild castles, which can be expanded with additional buildings. Thanks to comprehensive crafting and reputation systems, gripping PvP features, deep customization and demanding dungeons, Runes of Magic has something for everyone.

Taiwanese developer Runewalker regularly expands the game world with new free content and challenges.

Runes of Magic Features   
– Dual class system with eight classes and unique elite skills
– Individual furnishing of player housing and guild castles
– In-depth story experienced through above 2,300 quests laced with epic quest-lines
– Gripping Player-versus-Player duels in arenas and on the battlefield
– Easy travel using portal stones and a wide range of rideable animals
– Challenging boss-combat in dangerous and extensive dungeons with up to 36 simultaneous players
– Entertaining mini-games offering variety to the hero routine
– Dynamic crafting and customization of items
– Regular comprehensive free updates with new game content
– Free-to-Play: No monthly subscriptions, free to download the game

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