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The Division Elite Task Force Initiative Seeks Direct Player Input

The developers of The Division have announced an initiative to help steer the direction of their next update with the creation of The Division Elite Task Force.


The Elite Task Force will invite interested players over to Massive’s studios in Malmö, Sweden to join in on workshops and discussions and help shape Update 1.4. The developers will be footing the bill for flight, food and hotel accommodations and stress that anyone within the game’s community can sign up. “You don’t need to be a world famous YouTuber, gigantic streamer or podcast hero to be involved in this conversation,” reads the post. “If you play The Division, are willing to join us for a couple of days at Massive and are keen to speak up then we want to hear from you.”

Players interested in joining the Elite Task Force must be available from September 7th through the 9th, and can sign up on the page set up for the initiative.

Our Thoughts

This is definitely the most direct way to get the temperature of what fans want and to have them help out with the game’s development, though we are curious how much of that involvement will affect Update 1.4 and how large this Elite Task Force will be. Fielding players to come to the studio sounds like an expensive move, but we also have to admire Massive’s commitment to its community. We hope the initiative provides The Division with the shot in the arm it needs.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Elite Task Force initiative? Would you want to fly over to a game’s studio and help out with development directly? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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