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The Elder Scrolls Online: Craglorn Update Goes Live

Zenimax Studios is proud to present you the first update since The Elder Scrolls Online has been released, called Craglorn. This new update presents players with ESOs first Adventure Zone, called Craglorn. In addition, some other improvements and fixes have been made to the game.

Elder Scrolls Online


More adventure is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Gather your allies to face the challenges of our first Adventure Zone. Designed for groups of veteran players, Craglorn brings new threats, a new storyline, and exceptional rewards to ESO:

  • Explore Craglorn and unravel the mystery of the missing constellations
  • Discover quests and delves made for groups of four
  • Take on 12-player Trials and get on the leaderboards
  • Obtain powerful weapons and armor
Elder Scrolls Online

Hel Ra Citadel

Craglorn features challenging gameplay and an intriguing new storyline for players to follow. These are specially catered towards groups of Veteran Rank players. You and your allies will now be able to take on new quests as you discover the Celestial threat that endanger all of Tamriel. Explore new locations that put your skills to the test, and even participate in 12 man trials. These new trials are a complete new adventure with deadly enemies and fantastic rewards.

Elder Scrolls Online

New boss fight in Craglorn.

Classes and skills have also been updated, with animation tweaks and polish. A new death recap system is also introduced, and much, much more. Click here for a full list of the patch notes.

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