The Island - Ethereal

The Island – Ethereal Announced, Promises New Spin on Survival Genre

Developer CFJ Games has announced their first game, titled The Island – Ethereal. The Island – Ethereal is described as blending a few different genres of games into one with the aim of delivering a new type of survival horror MMO experience.

The Island - Ethereal


The Island – Ethereal is a rather ambitious project; the developer says of the game: “We like to describe it as a tactical shooter with survival and horror elements, that focuses on cooperative play via LAN or the Internet against a computer AI.” The game pits two teams of players against one another on a small deserted island, where they have limited time to fight over limited resources and build a craft to escape an island. The game will also be filled with continuously changing “shock events” which are described as events “…that will happen when you do not expect them anymore.” The game will feature a dynamic setting and AI, and a fully explorable 2 km long island with many hidden secrets and locations. Players who want to know more can watch the pre-alpha test of the combat mechanics on twitch or learn more on the game’s Facebook page.

Our Thoughts:

The game sounds like it has promise, and we’re quite eager to see how development progresses for The Island – Ethereal, but the survival horror MMO market is pretty well stocked with games, and is quite competitive. It’ll be fun to see how CFJ enters the market, and what they do as the game moves forward.

Source: Press Release

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