The Secret World Chronicle Launches

The Secret World is a new modern-day MMORPG set in a world where every conspiracy or myth ever told is true. In a game where information is everything, players can now inspect enemy characters, or their own, to see what kind of feats they have completed and what kind of gear they are wearing. This system is accessed outside of the game, or through the games in-built browser. Named Chronicle, this new system is set to offer more functionality than just a straight forward armory page.

“We have a lot of great features planned, and we will be integrating the service more with the game and also, hopefully, with mobile devices and social networks in the future. We are going to add more stats, more features, more leaderboards, and more user control. We might also look at giving rewards tied to your status and standing on Chronicle.”

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Chronicle is currently in public beta, players who have been active within the last 5 days should see their stats being recorded and displayed. Besides looking at a players achievements, gear, and other niceties, there are currently leaderboards for things such as killing the most zombies etc. The Secret World players can head over to the official site now to check out the new Chronicle system.

Visit the official The Secret World Chronicle site to find out more!

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