The Secret World Issue 12: To the Dark Below Now Live

Beneath the massive Orochi tower in Tokyo lies the Manufactory. A factory mass producing drones, mechs, and even cyborgs. It is also the location of the newest dungeon in The Secret World, The Manufactory and the primary focus of Issue 12 along with a handful of new features.
Though having Issues 9-11 aren’t required it is suggested that you have your AEGIS Weapon Controllers up to level 5 as the things in The Manufactory aren’t going to be happy to see you.

The Secret World Issue 12

In addition to a new dungeon developers have added a number of new features.
Massive World Bosses: You’ll now be able to fight massive world bosses in New England, Egypt, and Translyvania.
2 New Raids: Two ten man raids have been introduced, The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Flappy) and the Eidolon of the Outer Dark.
A new simplified token system. All tokens have now been combined so you only need Black Bullion or Marks of the Pantheon.
An Improved Social Window: Improvements to the social window will make it easier to find groups for all activities in the game.
Daily Challenges: Log in every day to take on new challenges which will help you improve your gear.


This is all of course only the first part of Issue 12. The second part will feature a second dungeon beneath the Orochi tower, Nightmare raids, and an all new dungeon finder. Check out the fantastic trailer for Issue 12 below.

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