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The Secret World Museum of the Occult And Other New Features Announced On Dev Stream

Funcom’s dev stream revealed some pretty juicy news for The Secret World players last Friday! Quite a few features will soon be hitting the test server, and the most hyped of them so far is the (re)opening of The Secret World Museum of the Occult. Players will be put in the role of benefactors of the museum, tasked with filling in the museum to return it to its former glory.

Located in London, just a stone’s throw away from the Templar HQ, the Museum of the Occult has been closed ever since Theodore Wicker’s presentation and will now be transformed into a physical display of players’ achievements in-game. Displaying creatures in different poses and on different pedestals will be possible via collecting lore and earning exploration and kill achievements, thus making the Museum an upgraded version of the Bestiary.

The Secret World Museum of the Occult

So what’s it all about? The stream showed some work in progress of the interior. The first few rooms seen after entering are based on the adventure zones. Exhibits are unlocked with AP and the better the upgrade, the better the poses and quality of the exhibition. Each museum space will be personal but friends can get an invite to admire it.

The Museum is not all, though. There will be new lore about each enemy type to be found in the open world, with hints to further pieces of the lore inside previous pieces. The Museum will also feature a Gift Shop where players can buy various rewards depending on their unlocked achievements. The rewards include pets, glamours, T-shirts from Funcom’s ongoing contest and a new Assist system that enables players to summon mobs to help in combat, each having a different specialization.

the secret world fusang

Aside from the Museum of the Occult, new features and improvements will be gracing the Fusang PvP area. So far these include adding dynamic events such as supply drops, minigames and new types of offensive/defensive missions. The overall aim is to keep players engaged and offer more incentives to actively participate in the warzone.

Last but not least, a new elite vulnerability system will enable each weapon to place a specific debuff on the target to benefit all group members.

There is no release date for these features yet as they are still being tested.

You can watch the entire stream video below:

Our Thoughts:

Aside from being a good AP dump, the Museum of the Occult is a great opportunity to add more information about Theodore Wicker and the events that led to the Museum being closed in the first place, and a vast amount of lore. It might also be a step towards in-game housing, which players have been wanting for a long time.

Additionally, the weapon-specific debuff system sounds really great for incentivizing players to have more variety in the dungeon groups. We are really hyped to see all these new additions come to The Secret World and look forward to the live version!

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