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The Top 10 MMORPG Skills YOU should have

Tired of console gaming? Are you interested in venturing to the world of online gaming? Or maybe you’re getting interested in knowing the MMO lingo, like “tanking,” “raids” or “nerf.” There’s no better time than now to feed your curiosity. Top-notch games like World of Warcraft, Warhammer, and Aion have one of the largest active populations today. If paying isn’t your thing, games such as Dragonica Online, Rohan, or even the classic Ragnarok Online could very well be the right game for you. Whatever the reason, venturing into a new gaming world is definitely a quantum leap.  This isn’t your ordinary Metal Gear or Final Fantasy. There are a lot of factors that will ultimately dictate your stay in an online game, not just the NPCs and the story. Surviving or thriving in your chosen MMO requires a lot of skills. But don’t be scared! These skills are based on common sense, and mastery will never be a problem. You might find these skills very familiar, since most of them were lifted from real-life interaction. This top ten will help you transition to the online world as easy as counting from one to ten.


10.   Decision-making skills

Venturing in the MMO world requires quick and steadfast decision-making skills. First, choosing your MMOG will be an important decision. According to the famous quote, first impressions always last. Thus, pick the game that suits your best interests. It is this decision that will determine your commitment to the game and to the MMO genre in general. Second, do take note that indecisiveness in-game is shunned upon by other players. Pick your choices in the least time possible, but still making sure that you’ve covered all bases when doing so. Quick and logical thinking will also let you experience more of the game in less the time. This allows you more time to catch up with the others or do some socializing.


9.   Background Knowledge

I’m sure you’ve heard of the common phrase: “know your game.” This is especially true in the MMO world. Whatever game you are picking, make sure you’ve gathered all the information you need, from system requirements to gameplay mechanics. Gamers ought to take the tutorials, read help pages, check more details and information on the official site, and visit the game’s forums to keep you up-to-date. If that’s not enough, ask your friends or guildmates. Always be updated with the changes and events in your game.


8.   Common Sense

The lack of common sense is what usually pisses off other gamers. Questions lacking gumption are often the butt of all jokes and insults. We wouldn’t want that as a first-time experience, right? Common sense is a practical thing. Often, it’s the lack of knowledge or forgetting something that causes such sudden mistakes. It’s best to take the initiative, and search the answers on your own first before asking around. If all else fails, pose your question by explaining your situation clearly and kindly. Most of all, always keep your head in the game to avoid such accidents.


7.   Versatility

MMO gaming is the same as console gaming. You take on different roles depending on the game you’re in. You may be a wizard, a merchant, a basketball player, or even a soldier of the Special Forces. No matter what role you take, it’s your responsibility to adapt to the character and the situation. You don’t necessarily have to be totally in-character, but at least, know your character’s role in the game or the party you are in. It’s just a matter of achieving familiarity and mastery of the character you’re using.


6.  Cooperation

Remember that you aren’t alone in the online world. You will oftentimes be in a team, party or a huge clan. The party or group will not always cater to your personal needs. The purpose of partying or teaming up together is to benefit from each other in a certain mission or battle. Thus, the team requires the cooperation of everyone in it. Stick with the plan of your team leader, assist your partymates, and perform the role you’re expected to do. Another form of cooperation is by suggesting other methods or plans for your team’s objective. Be of assistance when needed. Your efforts will be returned, naturally.


5.   Financial Skill

You may have experienced being in the lap of luxury whenever playing console games. This isn’t exactly the case for MMO games. You reap what you sow in the online world. You’ll be forced to venture into the buy-and-sell business, peddling or auctioning loots and crafted materials. Keep a constant stash of money with you for emergency purposes. Always save up the money you earn from item-selling and quests. Keep expenses to a minimum, and keep an eye out for price changes. If you’re looking for a certain weapon or armor, it’s common sense to find the cheapest. It may not be today or tomorrow, but there will be a one out of a hundred merchants selling that certain item lower than the usual.


4.   Social Skills

You are not alone in the MMO world. The other characters you see on the city streets or in the forests are also fellow players just like you. There’s no thrill in soloing the game. It takes assertiveness, the right words at the right place and time to get you acquainted with new friends or partymates. Don’t isolate yourself from everyone. Being a bastard or a punk won’t get you anywhere, that’s for sure. Treat other characters like how you approach people in real life. Your social skills will benefit you more than it benefits them.


3.   “Netiquette”

We’re all familiar with this word. This has been a common term since the dawn of the internet. Although these are unwritten rules, players are aware of netiquette. It reflects the social etiquette found in real life. Think of the consequences of your behaviors and actions. Will it spark some sort of conflict? Or will it contribute to the resolution or peaceful communication? Let your socially-acceptable behavior and etiquette in the real world reflect in your life in the MMO game.  How others approach you will depend on the behavior you show.


2.   Patience

One of the most important elements of online gaming is time. Just like everything else you do, you need to devote an amount of time for gameplay. MMO gaming can sometimes, if not often, be part of your daily routine. Remember that building up your character is not possible without you. Of course, we do have our real-life priorities. So it’s advisable to set a schedule for your game time. Don’t worry if your character is still a few levels lower than the rest. You’ll catch up to them!


1.   Interest

All of these wouldn’t be possible if a gamer didn’t spark up interest to play the game. Like I said a few paragraphs back: choose the game that best interests you. If you think FPS is the game for you, look for the possible choices. As long as the game keeps you interested and hooked, there will never be a dull moment in your gaming. Don’t worry if you’ve lost interest in one game. Just keep looking for more. It’s very much like console gaming too, y’know!


It’s no surprise that online gaming borrows or lifts a lot of skills from the real life. We’re technically walking around a virtual world that mirrors the real one. It’s no surprise that real world skills are also required in roaming the virtual world. This top ten is just a short list. As you grow to become a veteran player, you’ll find more skills to be useful in your travels. Good luck and happy gaming!

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