The Ultimate Guide for MMOs & MMORPGs at E3 2012

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is just a few days away, and the games industry is preparing to showcase its new and upcoming games to press and other members of the industry. MMOGames will be attending their very first E3 event this year, and we thought we’d give you a list of all the MMOs & MMORPGs being shown this year. Keep on reading below for the ultimate guide for MMOs & MMORPGs being shown at E3 2012.

Age of Wushu (MMORPG)
This upcoming MMORPG is based on more than 2000 years of Wuxia tradition, which you can relive. Embark on an epic journey to master the ancient Chinese art of Wushu, follow a unique story and face the consquences of every decision you make and action you take. With exciting features such as players becoming NPCs when they log off, running across water and much more, this is definitely a title we will be checking out!

Arctic Combat (MMOFPS)
WEBZEN’s latest title, and yet another one of those MMOFPS’ which have nothing ‘Massively’ about them. Without debating the definition of a true MMOFPS, let’s just cave with the industry for a moment and pretend these are in fact MMOs. This is a new World War III themed multiplayer FPS, another title we will be checking out.

Battle of the Immortals (Action MMORPG)
This action-MMORPG is the first 2.5D MMO to be developed based on the Cube engine. Players travel between Eastern and Western cultures, with themes from Norse Mythology to the history of China’s Qin Dynasty. Not completely new, and we’ve seen this game a few times before but nevertheless it will be at E3 this year.

MMO Games Black Gold Art Work

Black Gold (MMORPG)

We haven’t seen much from this title, besides an art book Snail Games gave us which was riddled with broken English and art work which the designer blatantly stated was replicated from World of Warcraft. Mixing fantasy with technology in a steam-punk universe, Black Gold still has a lot to prove to us after making some poor first impressions.

Brahma Online (Sci-Fi MMORPG)

A 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG which mixes Sci-Fi elements with, from what we understand, magic (unless it’s just poor translation). Not much is known about this title, but from what we can gather, players escape Earth and head for the stars. One ship however finds itself sucked into a black hole and taken to a new destination, I think. 

The site is very bare for details, and while there is English text it’s hard to understand the context of the story and whether they mean we will be casting fireballs or that magic is more of a symbolic presence within the game. Don’t take my word for anything regarding this game as I am just not 100% positive on the details, any fans of this unknown title in the audience?

An interesting game which is currently in beta and turning the heads of Minecraft fans everywhere. Combining both Minecraft style building with CounterStrike style FPS gameplay, players build levels then kill each other in the user generated spaces. We’ll be sitting down with the guys behind this game while we’re at E3, hopefully finding out more about what the future holds for this awesome little shooter.

‘Unrivalled action RPG’ is what publisher WEBZEN is promising, but will they deliver? We sat down and played C9 recently, check out our C9 beta preview if you haven’t already. With instanced-based action combat similar to games such as Vindictus and Dragons Nest, this title isn’t bringing anything new to the table, but is picking up a little attention nonetheless.

A game that promises to re-ignite my passion for online gaming that I haven’t felt for years, that’s a big promise. Will this title offer something different? The developers would like to believe they are creating a new style of MMO, not another ‘regurgitated concept’. Core Blaze is set to offer a unique style of levelling where players are not restricted by level requirements, rather only their desire to explore.

A subscription-based MMORPG which was saved by a free-to-play conversion and given new life, something that publisher Sony Online Entertainment isn’t very good at (SWG still hurts guys). This super-hero themed MMORPG has something new to show at E3, so fans of the game or those wondering whether now is the right time to jump on in (it’s free remember?), keep an eye out for more on this.

Death Frontline (Strategy Browser MMO)

A turn-based, browser-based, strategy MMO by the same people bringing you Call of Thrones (that dodgy one I mentioned before). Players act as a sergeant, leading a team into battle and attempting to bring peace to the world. Through violence, of course. This is stated to be an 18+ Adult Only title, but that doesn’t say much.

An interesting game currently under development by Trion Worlds, the guys who brought you RIFT and End of Nations. With the MMORPG running smoothly, an MMORTS on the way, it was only logical that Trion Worlds would seal the deal with an MMOFPS. They aren’t stopping at any generic online shooter though, the game will be linked directly to a TV drama show coming to the SyFy Channel. The shows direction and plot can be altered by the players actions, the best players will even be mentioned in episodes for their feats in battle. Oh, and it’s coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Demon Hunting (MMORPG)

Suprisingly, this MMO is said to be a cute style 3D browser-based MMORPG. Players can experience real-time combat, easy-to-learn gameplay, pets, time travel and massive castle siege battles against other players. Not much else is known about this title, other than an interesting feature which offers rewards to players everytime they string together a combo of monster kills. The larger the groups you kill, and the faster you kill them, the higher the rewards.

Dragon Brilliant (Action MMORPG)

The first self-developed title from GameWave (again, the Call of Thrones guys). In the beginning of time, the whole world was destroyed during an epic clash between the Gods. You, the player, take the role of one of the descendants of the ancient gods. Players will set out to collect shards of Dragon Stones, and that’s all we know. Why are they after these shards? Maybe we’ll find out at E3. Another title considered to be 18+ only in China.

The first 2D real-time MMORPG from developer Wanmei, and another MMO based around Chinese Mythology. Currently unable to find many details regarding this, but it seems that Perfect World may be publishing this title. Players can expect a pet system, blending of Eastern and Western fighting styles, environments inspired by over 5000 years of Chinese history and more. Released originally in October 2010, expecting more details about the English release.

The first ever free-to-play MMOFPS for consoles, this title will launch exclusively for the PS3. Set in the EVE universe, and connected in real-time, players will fight battles on planets present in New Eden. Experience the first console shooter to directly connect and link to a PC Sci-Fi MMO, accept contracts from EVE players and fight their battles. With huge ambitions and a large list of features, don’t forget to check out our article discussing in full detail everything you don’t know about DUST 514. Expect to see a lot more coverage around this title, and hopefully we can talk a bit about the Alpha version we have been playing but haven’t been able to discuss due to NDA restrictions.

Embers of Caerus (Sandbox MMORPG)

Being the resident sandbox nut here at MMOGames, I have to say straight off the bat that this is the title I am most interested in talking about at E3 this year. Forsaken Studios, a dedicated bunch of developers are creating what they believe to be a true sandbox MMORPG. This means: One massive world on a single server, level-less and classless character progression, dynamic weather and seasons, open PvP with full loot enabled, realistic siege warfare, player housing and cities, player run nations, and death actually hurts.

MMO Games Empire of the Immortals Screenshot

The second 2.5D MMORPG in the Immortals franchise, featuring the familiar style of the previous titles on an upgraded Cube engine. The game launched in March 2011, offering various classes and play modes such as Family Wonders, Spirit System, and the Turf War System.

Developer Taomee’s first virtual world targeting young girls between 5 to 10 which launched in June 2010. Players tend to their own garden, cultivate flowers and plants, and decorate their own home.

Have you ever wish your World of Warcraft had vampires? That’s essentially how I would describe this title. A free-to-play, traditional fantasy MMORPG that doesn’t bring any innovation to the genre but provides a solid experience for free, if you’re expectations aren’t too high. While the game is already released, we should expect to see more about future content at E3.

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