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The WarZ Accused of Fraud

The WarZ is a zombie survival MMO which has launched on steam this week only to receive even more¬†controversy. This time the claims are heavily focused around fraud and false advertising, as well as touching on a few older accusations made by members of the community and volunteer staff. The whole ordeal began with the listing on steam, which would lead a potential buyer to believe the game has many features it in fact doesn’t.

Most of the features listed on the steam page were actually incorrect and only planned features – something not detailed anywhere on the page. This was met with many customers who felt ripped off or deceived, which was met with an apology from the developer – not for the incorrect information however, they apologised that users misread the information and “imagined things”. Read about the full ordeal by heading over to The WarZ: A Quest for Cash. To find out more about The War Z, visit the game page.

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