The WarZ Alpha Starts Today

The WarZ is an upcoming zombie survival MMO which puts players in the shoes of a survivor, scavenging and fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse. With a buy-to-play model, no subscription fee, and worlds that span up to 400km2 – players have been dying to get their hands on this upcoming title, and soon they can.

For those who have pre-ordered the Pioneer or Legend packages, the public Alpha test begins today and runs through to October 31st – when the beta begins. Those who purchased the basic survivor package will be let in after the Alpha – but until then, players will get their first chance to explore the state of Colorado – where every decision determines whether you live or die. If you’re a fan of this new emerging genre, don’t miss out on the Alpha!

There will be an NDA for the Alpha, which means we will be playing but we unfortunately won’t have anything to show until the NDA is lifted, probably in the beta. For those who will be participating in the beta, don’t forget there are no wipes after beta (wipes will occur for alpha apparently). This means beta testers will get a head start on the public who never pre-ordered. So get to work, learning, gathering and fortifying a new home!

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