Tom Chilton to Step Down as WoW Game Director

A post made on the World of Warcraft forum has announced plans for game director Tom Chilton to step down as he makes way for “new adventures just down the hall”.


Chilton started work for Blizzard’s behemoth in 2004 as a senior game designer and has led the game as its director from Cataclysm up to Legion, but his tenure is now coming to an end. “We’ve come a long way since then,” wrote Chilton in his post. “It’s been awesome to see players enjoying so many different aspects of the expansion.”

What’s next for Chilton? A new position within Blizzard. “I’ll still be here, but will be focusing on another project within the company,” reads the post, which then announced that Ion Hazzikostas will be taking the helm as WoW’s game director, an eight year veteran of the current WoW team and one of the many people currently responsible for the content in Legion.

“As a member of the WoW team, I can assure you that the future for World of Warcraft continues to be bright—and as a player, I’m excited to discover what’s in store next alongside all of you,” Chilton wrote in closing. “Thank you, and may you have many more epic adventures!”

Our Thoughts

We /salute Mr. Chilton for all of the work he has done for World of Warcraft and all of its high and low points. He leaves the game in a great state with the Legion expansion, and we’re sure it will be in good hands with Mr. Hazzikostas at the lead.

Your Thoughts

What sort of project do you think Chilton will be helming next? What are your earliest memories in World of Warcraft? Share with us below in the comments.

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