Top 5 Free to Play MMOs and MMORPGs of July!

Top 5 Free to Play MMOs and MMORPGs of July!

Another new month of MMOs is upon us, and keeping with tradition, we’ve rounded up some of our personal favourites just for you.
We’ve got a nice mix for July: MMORTS superstar Evony Online makes a comeback with its Age II expansion content, Grand Chase re-emerges reminding us just how much fun it is hitting things with really big swords, Pangya pops back up showing us that Anime golf never gets old, Runes of Magic continues to grow with the addition of another Chapter (IV), and Argo crawls into 5th place with its awesome multi-mode combat system.

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1. Evony

Evony is a Free to Play Strategy Game (MMORTS), and one of the most popular in the world. You are given complete control over your own kingdom, with the freedom to attack enemy cities and rival players, form alliances and complete hundreds of quests.

Evony has recently entered ‘Age II’, an expansion update that not only added tonnes of new content, but also gave Evony a graphical overhaul with a new user interface and hundreds of new in-game units and buildings.

2. Grand Chase

Grand Chase is a 2D Action MMO that combines side-scrolling and dungeon-crawler gameplay with anime inspired visuals.

By far the most appealing feature of Grand Chase is its character selection. In total there are currently 12 classes (each an individual character) available in Grand Chase; the Knight, Spell Knight, Archer, Thief, Magician, Druid, Dancer, Wanderer, Stygian, Rune Caster, Fighter and Gladiator.

3. Pangya

Pangya is a 3D Golf-Themed MMO featuring arcade-style gameplay that allows you to compete against other players in online matches and tournaments.

Pangya standout element is its cute, anime-styled visuals and gameplay elements; unlike many other Golf-Themed Video Games, Pangya opts for a more relaxed, casual approach to the genre, offering a truly unique arcade experience with plenty of character choices to reflect the individual golfer in you.

4. Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with beautiful 3D graphics, fully-realized dungeon encounters, unmatched character customization, and a unique multi-class system.

Runes of Magic is a feature rich MMORPG that uses a graphic style very similar to those found in World of Warcraft. The familiar interface and animations help new players and MMO veterans alike adjust to the epic world of Taborea; but what sets Runes of Magic apart is its unique dual-class system whereby you can pick a second class at level 10 to ‘blend’ with your first choice, creating a truly unique character to call your own.

5. Argo

Argo Online is a Fantasy Game and MMORPG set in a dystopian steampunk Earth in the distant future, and is best known for its innovative combat mechanics and enormous open-world environments. 

Argo Online offers two distinct factions, the Noblians and the Floresslahs. The Noblians are a race of technologically advanced steampunk warriors and crafters that use machinery as weapons and aids, whereas the Floresslahs are a mystical race in tune with the laws of nature, wielding them do achieve their modest goals.


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