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Trailer Round Up: Armored Warfare, World of Speed and Infinite Crisis

Hey guys and gals, today there were tons of news that came out, including some shiny new trailers. We here at MMOGames wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a thing, so without further ado, here is our Trailer Round Up!

First, let’s start off with the new Armored Warfare trailer. Under development by Obsidian Entertainment, and still in closed beta testing, this upcoming online multiplayer tactical military game (similar to World of Tanks) will feature stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, awesome looking customizable armored vehicles and INTENSE team-based gameplay. Players work together to crush one another, with the power of modern combat vehicles in this completely free to play experience. Check out their trailer down here:

Second, here’s another trailer featuring a gorgeous new location for the upcoming MMO racing game World of Speed. The trailer also features a McLaren 12C as it cruises through the streets of Moscow. Moscow, is of course the new location and track being boasted in this trailer, where in-game footage is spliced with REAL footage taken when driving through Moscow. The resemblance, is breathtaking to say the least. World of Speed will be released somewhere in 2014, and is under development by Slightly Mad Studios. For those interested, you can sign up for the closed beta as well. Check out the trailer down here:

And for our third and last trailer for today, Turbine Studios has unveiled their latest addition to the supervillain roster in Infinite Crisis, called Atrocitus. Leader of the infamous Red Lantern army, Atrocitus thrills in picking a fight and shrugging off damage. This guy seriously looks badass, check out his champion profile down here:

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