TransForce: World of BotCraft Facebook Connect completed

TransForce: World of BotCraft Facebook Connect completed

the leading publisher and developer of Free-to-play MMO Games, today
announced that the most popular browser-based Strategy game- TransForce
rolled out <> its long anticipated
integration of Facebook Connect
<> ( ) at the name of “World of
BotCraft, which is also the virgin social game published by the
Playcomet team. The move allows Facebook users to sign in the facebook
account to play TransForce directly while enabling current TransForce
players to connect their account with the social network

TransForce is a free online browser strategy game where players choose
the Decepticons and the Autobots and fight in the vast universe space.
TransForce is closely bounded up with the Marvel comic book series and
also the Film Transformers.

Once Facebook Connect has been activated, players will be able to
publish their comments, and share game strategy.  Players can also
quickly invite their Facebook friends to play TransForce and earn the
ingame items or Matrix, a virtual currency in TransForce.

“World of BotCraft is the newest version of TransForce, embodying our team strengths and knowledge.” Said Newing,the project manager,”
the game is no longer the Traditional Application, but with much fun
applied and being applied. For example, the newly added “The Wanted
System”, “Bounty Hunt System” and the Legendary Heroes. We will
continue developing the new features in 2010”

Apart from the traditional gaming features like PVP, PVE, Tribal War,
the folks at the TransForce team bring World of Warcraft features
possible in the World of BotCraft. In WOB,you can also challenge the
Instances, Explore the wildlands around and beyond. What is matchless
in the web browser gaming world is that WOB delivers hero
levelup,equipment Upgrade and Enforcement,as well as assumes a new
aspect by raising the Tactics into the role-playing level.

This is an important move for both companies. For Playcomet, it means a
lot more exposure on Facebook, as their tens of thousands of existing
users link their accounts and publish information to promote the game.
For Facebook, it represents a big new partner for Facebook Connect,
bring the Facebook users more choices to play the game.

For more about TransForce: World of BotCraft, please visit the official website

For Screenshots and images, see our forum post here.

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