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Tree of Savior Rank 8 Update Brings New Classes And Maps

Tree of Savior players have a great batch of content to look forward to, as developers have announced the latest update to be arriving soon in the live game! The Tree of Savior Rank 8 update will add more than 30 new areas to explore, with new themes and environments that will enhance gameplay and deepen the world. Along with the area expansion, devs are also adding three new field boss monsters.

tree of savior rank 8 update

But that’s not all by far. There will be 24 new classes in total, 8 of which that are entirely new classes with wholly original concepts. The level cap for each character and their companion will be raised to 330, and the Rank 8 update allows players to empower and enrich character builds.

You can read more about the Rank 8 Swordsman, Archer, Cleric and Wizard as well as their respective attributes on their dedicated pages.

Finally, you can watch Tree of Savior’s Korean trailer showcasing the Rank 8 update below:


Our Thoughts:

It seems like the Rank 8 update will add a bundle of great things to Tree of Savior and allow players to go further in their exploration. Having a more diverse range of classes also makes things much more interesting. Hopefully this will increase the appeal that the game has to its players and rise up to their expectations.

Your Thoughts:

Are you currently playing Tree of Savior? What do you think about the Rank 8 update and the additions and improvements announced? Let us know in the comments below!


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