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Tree of Savior Trailer and Beta Coming Soon

Tree of Savior has announced they will be attending G-Star in Busan, South Korea next week. Those who are lucky enough to be attending will be getting a CD Key for the upcoming open beta which doesn’t yet have a start date but this suggests it will be soon. Additionally Tree of Savior developers imcGames will release a brand new trailer at the start of G-Star on November 12th. The game is going to be playable at G-Star. Sadly being in South Korea we won’t be attending ourselves but we will be eagerly awaiting the release of the trailer which we will post as soon as it becomes available.

Tree of Savior

Our Thoughts:

Tree of Savior has seen a surprisingly large following in the west and we’re quite excited that things seem to be heading towards open beta at last. Hopefully imcGames will be able to attend some western conferences throughout 2016 as we would love the opportunity to sit down with the devs to discuss what they have planned for the west and also to give the game a little bit more exposure to those who haven’t heard of it before. We’re also not entirely sure why you would need a CD key for an open beta so this may in fact be what we would classify as another closed beta, only time will tell.



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