Trion Unveils Glyph, Their New Digital Games Platform

Today Trion announced they were releasing a new digital games platform designed to help third party game developers exposure to Trion’s 10 Million registered users. Not only will players be able to purchase DRM free games in Glyph they will also be able to buy in game currency and items inside games. Not only will it have MMOs on it but it will also feature single player games which will not require an always on internet connection to play.


Trion is signing developers up for this new program now and they hope to have a wide selection of games available a few weeks after GDC 2014 in San Francisco.

About Shannon Doyle

Shannon first discovered MMOs in 1999 when she picked up the newly launched Everquest. This started a lifelong love affair with online gaming that has taken her around the world and brought her to While she still pines for the streets of Paragon, the City of Heroes, today she spends most of her gaming time walking across Tyria in Guild Wars 2, roleplaying with anyone who says hello.