Trove Introduces Candy Barbarian

Trion Worlds introduces the newest playable class in to its free to play Voxel based MMORPG, Trove. The Candy Barbarian will satisfy both your sweet tooth and that Insatiable urge to crush everything in sight. The Candy Barbarian armed with only his handy spatula this noble fighter from Candoria will be busting teeth in a plaque inspired rage.

The Candy Barbarians are brave, nomadic warriors from the land of Candoria who use their sugar-inspired rage for supercharged special attacks. A powerful melee class that dual-wields swords, axes and spatulas, the brand-new Candy Barbarian class is available in-game now for 1,050 Credits or 5,000 Cubits. For more information on the Candy Barbarian and Trove please see the corresponding post on the official website.


  • Gum Drop (Passive): When you hit (or are hit by) enemies, you’ll spill candy on the ground. Scoop it up for sweet boosts to health or speed!
  • Vanilla Swirlwind: Spin like a cotton candy machine gone berserk, striking all enemies within range.
  • Sugar Crash: Launch into the air and crashes down on your target with devastating force.
  • Eis-Crom Cone (Ultimate): Invoke the powers of Eis-Crom, god of all things candy, to waylay your foes with an exploding ice cream cone of terror!
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