Trove Introduces the Ghostly Revenant Class

Trove‘s newest class is so spooky you don’t want to face him on the battlefield. Sacrificing health to deal damage and defend allies? What kind of witchcraft is this?! The Revenant, as the spirit warrior is called, harvests souls to summon Spirit Wraith to aid him in battle. Let’s take a look at what the Revenant can do!


Vengeful Spirits (Passive)

The Revenant’s basic attack (which is the left mouse button, obviously) allows you to stab at enemies with your spear, and this restores a small amount of health to the Revenant. As you defeat enemies, you steal their souls to empower your Spirit Wraith. When you are out of health, you do not just die either. Having such a strong connection to the spiritual world allows you to summon a powerful Spirit Wraith which returns 50% of your health and who fights by your side!

Bulwark Bash (right-click)

Using the right mouse button will brutally slam your shield, damaging anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in front of you. You also taunt enemies and force them to attack you! It has a cooldown of 7 seconds, so it’s decently spam-able.

Trove Revenant

Spirit Spears (1)

Your 1 summon ghostly spears that attack all enemies in front of the Revenant. The damage done is based on your maximum health. Using Spirit Spears comes at a great cost, however, as you sacrifice health for as long as the spears are cast.

Spirit Storm (2)

Using Spirit Storm will spawn a whirling vortex of spirit energy that surrounds the Revenant. This vortex pulls enemies closer and fires exploding blasts of spiritual energy. Upon exploding, these spirit blasts will heal friends while damaging foes. Talk about multi-functional! It has a cooldown of 20 seconds.


Our Thoughts

The Revenant class seems very interesting, as it is a high-risk high-reward kind of class. You sacrifice your own health to deal damage, but you’re also supposed to protect your allies. Choosing when to preserve health to serve as a tank will be kind of tricky, but definitely challenging!


Source: Trove Revenant Class Preview

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