Trove Introduces Pirates and Reworks Pet System

Yarrr! Pirates have made their way in to the world of Trove. The newest pirate themed update is pretty basic thus far. Right now, the pirates are just a series of crafting stations that allow players to make pirate themed items such as mounts and Allies (formally called pets). In the future Trion plans on fleshing out the concept in a bigger ocean themed update.

The pirate update also plays in to a rework of the pets system. They are now called, “Allies” and are more widely available and easier to obtain. Allies also now contain special abilities that will be useful to the player on a situational basis. Players can turn “glim” in to the pirates to obtain some of the newly added Allies.

For more information on the new update, please visit the official patch notes.




Enterprising pirates from the Treasure Isles are weighing anchor along the shores of Trovian adventure worlds. These pirates specialize in retrieving Soul Traps, shadowy devices inside which are trapped the souls of some very special friends. Pirates (being pirates after all) will happily exchange Soul Traps for your glim, allowing you to release the imprisoned ally within.

Once freed, these new allies will accompany you on your adventures. You’ll have to pick one at any time, but can of course switch them as needed. Common allies will behave like the pets you are familiar with and provide a small stat boost, but you may get lucky and free a rare Ally who harbors a special ability based on their species!

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